How we built and sold LogicEarth /w Peter Carlin


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Peter Carlin co-founded LogicEarth an e-learning company in the middle of a global recession over 10 years ago. It was a difficult time to launch an online education business but Peter saw a massive gap in the market.

Working for BT (British Telecom), Peter asked realised that spending on classroom-based training was falling. He asked himself: ’Is face-to-face learning the only option that we can give L&D buyers? Of course not!

Fast forward more than 10 years and LogicEarth is now part of the Creative Engagement Group following a successful sale of the business led by Peter and his team in Belfast. So what was the journey from there to here?

Peter has a great story to tell and it’s full of tips and pointers for you if you plan to grow and sell your elearning or facilitation business one day!

In today’s episode:

What exactly was the gap in the marketplace that Peter spotted?

What was it like to start a elearning business in a difficult time?

How Peter and business partner Paul McKay got their first clients

What was it like taking on their first employees?

How Peter and Paul funded their startup early on

Who approached LogicEarth to acquire the business?

Why Peter felt some buyers were not right for them

What convinced LogicEarth to sell to Creative Engagement Group?

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