ACEs, Developmental Trauma, and Chronic Illness with Veronique Mead


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“Once we understand [how adverse childhood experiences impact our development]… it removes blame and shame and judgment because it’s not something we’ve actually done.” - Veronique Mead

Our host Sarah Buino is joined by somatic therapist Veronique Mead, a former practicing physician and assistant professor of family medicine.

For 20 years Veronique has been researching and integrating science with her personal journey of chronic fatigue syndrome, finding powerful evidence of the connection between childhood adversity and chronic illness. Veronique’s findings align with the growing body of research about the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on our health.

As Veronique and Sarah explore the topic of developmental trauma and its impact on long-term health, they find much overlap between the way Veronique frames her understanding and the NARM model. Both perspectives are based in a non-pathologizing orientation and view symptoms as intelligent, survival responses to environmental failures.

Veronique and Sarah conclude the episode discussing the beauty in understanding and recognizing our own trauma and adversity experiences, and how they affect us personally.

Veronique closes with her own feelings of hope: “Once we understand [how adverse childhood experiences impact our development]…it removes blame and shame and judgment because it’s not something we’ve actually done…If we can shift the perception of threat that’s gotten then gives us all these tools to work with that may really contribute to a much higher, greater capacity for healing and improvement...Then there may be a whole lot more encouraging, hopeful, empowering things we can do.”

About Veronique: Veronique Mead was an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and practicing physician when she decided to change careers and retrained as a Somatic Trauma Therapist. For the past 20 years she has been integrating the science with her personal journey of gradual recovery from disabling chronic fatigue syndrome into a new model for making sense of chronic illnesses of all kinds.The research explains how effects of trauma are not psychological as is still often mistakenly believed. She shares the science on her blog, Chronic Illness Trauma

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