Live from APTA EXPO 2021: It's electric with Chris Harris and Lauren Cochran Scoville


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Paul and Tris were at APTA EXPO 2021 in Orlando, FL last week and recorded several interviews while they were there.

From "Get to Know the GM" with the heads of Vontas and Trapeze Group and interviews with transit leaders to our amazing panel of amazing women leading transit agencies in the U.S., Paul and Tris covered a lot of ground in a few days.

This week we highlight two of the interviews from those three days.

First up is Chris Harris, Associate Director of Transportation at Auburn University in Alabama talking with Paul about running a transit system for students at the university.

That interview is followed by Tris interviewing Lauren Cochran Scoville, VP of Sales at Proterra, and what agencies need to know before going green with low and no emissions vehicles.

Next week on Transit Unplugged In-Depth we'll have segments from the Women Leaders in Transit Panel recorded live at the Trapeze-Vontas booth.

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