Comfort's Corner: Using data to improve operations and meet the changing needs of riders


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This week on Comfort's Corner we have two newsmaker interviews for you. First, we talk with Candace Moore of the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority about how she's used asset management data to improve maintenance in her fleet of nearly 200 vehicles. Then we travel to Saskatoon, SK, and hear an excerpt from Cory Shrigley's ThinkTransit session on how they used real-time ridership data to quickly adapt their service to meet the needs of essential workers during pandemic lockdowns and help health officials target COVID education programs right to the areas that needed it most.

These are two great uses of data that highlight how transit agencies can use data they might already have to make real, impactful decisions.

We also hear from Elea Carey in her messaging minute on using radio ads to promote your agency. What better way to increase ridership than target drives while stuck in traffic!

Finally, Paul shares some exciting news about some improvements we're making to the show starting in July. Listen to the whole episode to learn about the changes.

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