November 04 Peace of Mind - Transitions Daily Alcohol Recovery Readings Podcast


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The daily distribution consists of different recovery quotes daily from various resources, including; Twenty-Four Hours a Day, A.A. Thought for the Day, Daily Reflections, Big Book Quote, Just for Today, As Bill Sees It, plus more! This podcast is a short daily audio provided by the online recovery group Transitions Daily. Transitions Daily also distributes this same content in a daily email with a secret Facebook group for discussion. Go to for more information.

Do you want to stop drinking? Have you ever listened to sobriety podcasts? Does alcoholism or addiction run in your family? Have you tried Alcoholics Anonymous or the 12 Steps of A.A.? Are you considering how to get sober? Are you seriously thinking about sobriety for the first time? Is alcohol controlling your life as never before? If so, you will definitely want to check out this recovery podcast.

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