The Advantages of Camping in State Parks Gluten Free


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Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 159

The Advantages of Camping in State Parks Gluten Free

We all love our national parks. But it's so easy to overlook the sunning state parks that many of us have right in our backyard! In this episode, I share some of the benefits I've learned in choosing a state park over a national park. You'll find that you can do a lot of the same activities inside a state park. Sometimes, there's even more options for fun than at a national park! I also have a list of my favorite state parks (on both coasts!) to get you excited for your next gluten free adventure.

Avoid the Crowd of a National Park

One of the biggest advantages of staying at a state park over a national park is the crowds. State parks are often less crowded than national parks, where the wait time just to get inside can be up to two hours. I sometimes only see two or three other people camping when I stay in state parks. With fewer people camping, hiking, or biking, you're more free to get outside and relax in the outdoors.

Less Restrictions on Your Visit

State parks don't typically have the same protective regulations that national parks do. This means there is less restriction on what activities you can do in a state park. Boating and other watersports, for example, are often prohibited in national parks--but there are plenty of options inside a state park! Best of all, state parks are dog-friendly! No need to leave your furry friend behind at the campsite like in national parks; in state parks, they're allowed on the hiking trail with you!

Take Advantage of Your Backyard’s Beauty

Most of all, state parks are local. They’re easy to drive to, and there’s usually two dozen or more in any given state. It’s easy to find a nearby state park: just Google ‘state parks’ and your state’s name. You don't have to go out of your way to find something amazing; oftentimes, state parks can only be a 15 minute drive away. So, if you’re considering a national park, check to see if there’s a state park nearby! You can always take advantage of the lower prices, fewer crowds, and the overlooked beauty of your local state park.

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