Syfy Sistas 014 - Recap of The Sam and Bucky Show - Episode 3


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Things get real in "Power Broker" as Sam and Bucky are involved in a jailbreak and spy antics in the search for Karli, the Angry Child. The Sistas discuss poor Bucky's reprise as the Winter Soldier. Yvette gets him, Subrina thinks he's alright, Tamia thinks he's layered, but J.D. nails his problem to the wall with millennial accuracy. While Tamia tackles Zemo and iconography, and Yvette explains Walker and Lemar, we learn what J.D. thinks about all three of them. Subrina goes deep into "Trouble Man", while Fran drops love for...swing music. Evil Madripoor, wicked sartorial choices, and a killer cameo round out FAWS Episode 3. But can the Sistas continue their Star Trek reference streak? Who's quoting Dr. Michio Kaku and why? And how did Fiats get into this?

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