Trek TV Episode 182 - Star Trek: The Next Generation S04E11 - "Devil's Due"


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#182 In this episode of Trek TV we discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation S04E11 - "Devil's Due". Hosted by Tracy and Vaughn. Guest starring Dustin, Derek, & Jared. Well, we were certainly due for it, but Vaughn and Tracy must have royally cheesed off the Devil with this one because Ol' Scratch done gone ahead and claimed their souls; which is to say, he spirited their audio track away straight to Hell. Thankfully, we're wise to that original flim-flam demon's tricks and our backup recording was safely hidden away from their... dumb pitchfork thing? So no need to have sympathy for us, dear listeners; reserve that for yourself, as our constant paranoia of imminent damnation means you get to enjoy all the devil-skin tight outfits, high-pitched shrieks, and absolutely staggeringly lengthy digressions of this double-wide episode of Trek TV in basically listenable quality! See ya in hell!

Voted Grossest Wettest Klingon Demon 30 Millenia in a Row!

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