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This episode I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Geoff Aaron. Geoff would be known to most of our US listeners where he is credited for taking trials into the mainstream.

Geoff does things slightly differently as you will hear in the interview and is always keen to explore and push in different directions to see what works.

Geoff's riding achievements are unquestionable:

10x AMA champ. First AMA Trials win 1990. Last win 2006. 73 career wins.

15x TDN

2 career Endurocross wins, Erzberg, Romaniacs, LMS, Xgames

Beyond riding, he has been a Redbull sponsored athlete, produced DVD's and run trials demo's & shows under his business Extreme Riding Entertainment (ERE).

Later in Geoff's career he also became an event promoter, with his recent achievement of the Californian Trial Invitational also getting TV coverage

He's worked with Gas Gas in the US for years, and more recently under KTM Group ownership he has taken responsibility for their off-road competition program across GNCC enduro and Trials.

And for Geoff trials is also a family affair with his wife a former champion and his kids now competing in US nationals as well.

It was refreshing to be able to chat with someone who has fingers in so many pie's and is working in our industry from multiple angles.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you my chat with Geoff Aaron.

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