E92: Graham Jarvis - No introduction necessary!


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This was a real treat to have such a lengthy chat with Graham Jarvis. We caught up with Graham a couple of weeks ago while he is currently recovering from a knee injury that has currently seen him off the bike for an extended period of time.

Graham is someone who I have wanted to interview for a while now, as his ability in enduro are clear for everyone to see. Most people know Graham comes from a trials background so I was keen to explore those early days which are meaningful achievements in their own right, it's just that they have been somewhat dwarfed by his career 2.0 in hard enduro.

We discuss the transition from trials to enduro and what advice he would give to aspiring riders and reflect on his many achievements in the enduro world as a multiple winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs, Ezberg, and Sea to Sky as well as Hells Gate.

We look at the approach to events and how that differs between the two disciplines.

We round it out with a chat about what is next for Graham and discuss his Race Team, Clothing Line, Signature Tours and training programs.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you my chat with Graham Jarvis.

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