Baby Boomers and Booze - Dr Tony explains why the older generation drink too much..


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My guest this week is British Psychiatrist Dr Tony Rao. He is an international expert of alchohol misuse in older people - with more than 20 years experience in this area.

He works with Baby Boomers in the UK who have alcohol issues - I was one of those for many years so found this conversation fascinating..

In this Episode

  • Dr Tony explains how his interest in the field started with his parents who were both medics
  • He believes it's essential to understand the community his patients are from if he is to understand their problems
  • The baby boomer generation is more susceptible to alcohol abuse as we grew up with very different cultural attitudes
  • We believed it was ok to get drunk sometimes and the "work hard, play hard" ethos was encouraged in many corporates
  • After decades of drinking the older generation have not even tried to cut down - many of them rely on it more as they get older
  • Dr Tony believes that the "low risk" limits for alcohol should be reduced for older people as our bodies are less resilient
  • Extra risks for older people include falls, mixing with medications and the fact that it takes longer to metabolize
  • We agreed that although people are living longer the emphasis should be on "living well" for the last 10 years
  • Alcohol and Covid - not a good mix as both stimulate imflammation causing a cytokine storm which can reduce survival changes
  • Dr Tony advises that we take the low risk limits seriously and reach out for help if we need it - there is always help.
  • He has written a book called "Catch Me When I Fall" which dramatises the issue - available via Audible
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