The Trinity Force Podcast - Episode 692: Final Ranked Push


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Join the crew as KB, GBD, and Danman cover some of their tips and tricks for that final push to get ranked rewards. Check out our list below.


  1. Chug a health pot at the start of combat
  2. Look at your minimap everytime you last hit a minion
  3. Press tab every wave
  4. Use your pings to communicate useful infor, don’t spam ping or flame 
  5. Ping on the top of someone that you want to communicate to, the closer the ping is to your target, the louder the ping
  6. Listen to episode 678 with Danman and GBD
  7. Take 5 minutes between games
  8. Don’t be scared to use your summoners to mitigate your losses - if you take a bad trade and get frozen off the wave, just reset and TP back for example. Don’t get choked out.
  9. If you’re done looking to climb - JUST GET IN THERe and be aggressive. Nobody gets better by playing too safe.
  1. Check out your OP.GG to narrow down your champ pool
  2. Replay review before your deaths
  3. Limit your grind (take mental breaks/stop at 2 losses)
  4. Have a pre-grind ritual
  5. Think about your match-ups and gameplan during the load in screen
  6. Talk through your thought process during games
  1. In general, play aggressively when you have more minions, defensively when you have less minions --
  2. Ping on the scoreboard every sum you see get used, especially flash
  3. Try to weave autos before or after abilities most of the time for more damage--
  4. Danger/careful ping a path where u think someone is roaming, it generally grabs more attention than missing pings
  5. Almost always buy a refillable pot if you have 150 gold left over--
  6. Always look around the map when you're busy moving a long distance (back to lane/rotating)
  7. Look around the map whenever you're busy fighting npcs (jungle camps/minions when freezing)
  8. In general, without tp, farm gold (jungle camps/waves) wherever the next highest priority objective is
  9. In general, with tp, farm gold (jungle camps/waves) opposite side of the next highest priority objective
  10. When getting tower dove, try to focus the person taking tower aggro to try and get at least a return kill if you're guaranteed to die
  11. When setting up a tower dive, slow push minion waves so you have more backup when diving
  12. If too weak to fight, it's ok to give up the first and second dragon and farm for item spikes

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