8: Trino: A Ludicrously Fast Query Engine: Past, Present, and Future


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Table of Contents:

- Intro Song: 00:00

- Intro: 00:32

- Martin Traverso Intro: 1:45

- Dain Sundstrom Intro: 4:30

- David Phillips Intro: 8:26

- Eric Hwang Intro: 12:24

- Past: Presto name, Facebook projects, and open source: 16:50

- Past: Where did the name Trino come from?: 23:16

- Past: Why Martin, Dain, and David left Facebook and created a Presto fork: 26:14

- Past: Why did you choose to continue using Presto instead of rebranding?: 34:51

- Past: How did the contending Presto drive us to rebrand as Trino?: 37:37

- Present: Did you know this project would span decades and when did you know?: 39:40

- Present: What tricks did you use to rename an entire project in the span of a week?: 46:55

- Present: The top-level project nesting changes: 51:00

- Present: Where did the bunny come from?: 52:59

- Future: How do you move to Trino and how to handle breaking changes?: 55:52

- Future: How to explain that you are using Trino and not Presto to your boss.: 58:26

- Future: 2021 Trino Roadmap: 1:05:12

- Outro: 1:08:07

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