James McSweeney discusses Vital Vegan protein and Vital Greens - Robert Seik, PharmD


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James McSweeney discusses Vital Vegan protein and Vital Greens - Robert Seik, PharmD

How do they do it? How do elite athletes become, well, elite? Consistent commitment in the gym and in the kitchen.
For MMA Fighter and star of Spike TV’s Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights James McSweeney, it’s finding and sticking with what works for him and incorporating it into his routine every day. That includes Triton Nutrition® Vital Vegan Protein and Vital Greens.
James said he’s tried many different types of protein over the course of his career, but they tended to leave him feeling bloated and gassy.
“With the Vital Vegan Protein, it’s so much cleaner and the taste is good,” he said.

Adding the Vital Greens to his morning and post-workout shakes helps him know he’s got his nutritional needs covered for the day.
“I’ve got my foundation, so it takes the pressure off. Anything after is a bonus. I can’t lose once I’ve taken my drink,” he said.
His personal recipes: Chocolate Vital Vegan Protein with the Berry Vital Greens or Vanilla Vital Vegan Protein mixed with Chocolate Vital Greens.
“With these two products it really does help to build the foundation,” James said. “It helps my performance to no end.”
Triton Nutrition co-founder Robert Seik explains that all athletes need protein to counteract the stress hormone cortisol and to rebuild muscle after a workout. Many powders contain a lot of artificial ingredients and sugars, which can cause gas. Vital Vegan Protein provides the benefits of easily digestible protein without the additions that can cause negative effects. Vital Greens provides a great source of vegetable-based nutrition which offers antioxidant protection.
Keep checking back for more videos with James and Robert as they reveal additional elements of the nutritional and training plan that keeps James in top fighting form.

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