James McSweeney on Immuno Growth Factor with PRP - Robert Seik, PharmD


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James McSweeney on Immuno Growth Factor with PRP - Robert Seik, PharmD

Recovering completely means better, harder workouts ahead for MMA Fighter James McSweeney.

He recently added Triton Nutrition® Immuno Growth Factor with PRP to his nutritional regimen. He adds one scoop to his protein shakes at breakfast and lunch and another to a glass of milk before bed, for a total of three scoops per day.

James said that normally at this point in his training preparation, he feels fatigued, but with the extra focus he’s been placing on nutrition, he feels strong. He said ensuring his body’s recovery from vigorous training has played a huge role.

“The better I recover, the better I can perform the next day,” he said.

Triton Nutrition® co-founder Robert Seik explains that Immuno Growth Factor with PRP is made from pure bovine colostrum, which is a rich source of PRPs, or proline-rich polypetides. PRPs help calm down inflammation, which speeds recovery. Robert said athletes in a heavy training cycle should take three scoops of Immuno Growth Factor with PRP per day, while those in a more moderate training phase would benefit from adding one to two scoops per day to aid their recovery.

Keep checking back for more videos with James and Robert as they reveal additional elements of the nutritional and training plan that is helping James prepare for his next big fight.

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