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Metabolic Efficiency - Robert Seik, PharmD

Metabolic efficiency is when our body burns less carbohydrates and instead burns more fat. We can achieve this by reducing our intake of high glycemic index foods.

Robert Seik, PharmD discussed metabolic efficiency and how it may be achieved. We can achieve metabolic efficiency by reducing our consumption of high glycemic index foods, foods that enter our bloodstream quickly such as bread, cereals, pasta, sugars, and fruit juices.

The old way of thinking was that athletes needed a huge carbohydrate load and that we had to go from one large carbohydrate load to the next in order to workout efficiently and in order to load up on energy for our events.

Lecturers at the American Academy of Anti-Aging, like Bob Seebohar, MS, RD,CSCS, CSSD has proven that metabolic efficiency is achieved when you can increase the amount of fats that you burn for your total energy needs and decrease the total amount of carbohydrates. Every time you consume carbohydrates, you blunt your metabolic efficiency because you stop the burning of fats.

Robert shows you a graph of a person who is metabolically inefficient working out. As they increase the intensity of a workout, they will try to burn more carbohydrates but they will not be able to burn fats because they are inefficient. The negative effects of this is that there is not a lot of energy produced from burning carbohydrates as there is when fat is used. Also they have to keep taking in carbohydrates. Taking in large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars causes a lot of gastrointestinal stress and overloads the digestive system.

When working out, the blood is being pumped to the muscles, not to the intestines where digestion takes place. If you have ever heard of runner's diarrhea, this is why it happens.

It is important for everyone to have metabolic efficiency, whether an athlete or not. So, it is necessary for everyone to deny themselves those high glycemic index foods. Vegetables are carbohydrates, so you are still eating carbohydrates. When you restrict those high glycemic index foods, your metabolic efficiency will improve the total overall burning of carbohydrates for energy and your body is now trained to burn fats for energy.

Robert is a strong advocate of the Paleo diet and he believes that following the diet is the way to achieve metabolic efficiency. There are simple rules to follow such as no sugar, no grains and no dairy. It is easy to tell if your plate is Paleo or not. If you look down and see a portion of protein that is the size of your hand or the palm of your hand and the rest of the plate is piled with dark green, leafy vegetables or minimally cooked colorful vegetables. These vegetables are very fibrous and the carbohydrates are absorbed very slowly into the bloodstream so the hormone insulin will not surge. Remember that the spiking of insulin causes the cessation of fat burning.

If Americans would stop their intake of flour and sugar and switch them out with healthy vegetables, they would lose weight dramatically and they would not be so vitamin and mineral deficient.

For those athletes who need a little push to achieve that metabolic efficiency point, there are cofactors that Robert recommends. Triton Nutrition offers ALA Complex, which is alpha lipoic acid and it helps us burn fat by aiding the mitochondria in our body to activate the energy cycle. You need alpha lipoic acid to hang around and it is actually in and out of the bloodstream very quickly, but Triton Nutrition's ALA Complex tablets are designed to slowly release the alpha lipoic acid over 4-6 hours.

CoQ10 is critically important. It is naturally found in the body and it is the most abundant antioxidant in the body that lives inside the cell. It lives inside the mitochondria or the powerhouse of the cells and it is needed for energy. Your muscles need energy and when they run out of energy they just can't perform well. Your brain also needs CoQ10. Triton Nutrition has CoQ Power 100 that is CoQ10 in 100mg miscellized capsules.

There are certain drugs that deplete CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). The statins, cholesterol lowering drugs, like lipitor is a very potent inhibitor of CoQ10 and individuals on statins will often feel weak and have difficulty walking because their body's CoQ10 has been depleted. We can feel the muscles aches and weakness when our skeletal muscles lose their CoQ10, but we can't feel when our heart muscle loses CoQ10 and this is very dangerous. The most dense CoQ10 in our body is actually located in the heart and these medications decrease the stores and we don't even know it. The heart needs energy to beat. Please see the video on CoQ10 to learn more about this. There is also a list of medications that cause nutrient deficiencies, complements of the Maryland Medical Center if you want to see what nutrients you may need to supplement.

So, if you want to become more metabolically efficient, go Paleo, reduce your intake of high glycemic index carbs, avoid all grains, all sugars, all dairy and you will become more metabolically efficient. Remember to add CoQ Power and ALA Complex to achieve your overall metabolic efficiency point.

by Robert Seik, PharmD

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