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Omega 3 Fish Oil - Robert Seik, PharmD

A pure form of Omega 3 Fish Oil is a very important supplement for reduction of inflammation, to improve brain health and to improve your cardiovascular health. This video points out the important features of a quality fish oil.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, fish oils are one of the most commonly talked about supplements because they have such tremendous bang for your buck from a health perspective. There is much talk about the cardiovascular benefits of fish oil and there is much focus on the research and documentation that supports that, but not all fish oils are created equal.

It is important to know how much fish oil you should take. Here are some rough guidelines using Triton Nutrition's Omega Prime. They come in 950 mg capsules of fish oil and Robert Seik, a pharmacist, suggests to start off with 3000 mg a day and increase until you reach 6000 mg a day. It is best to divide this dose into two to three times a day because fish oils last about 8 hours in the body.

We take them because they have such tremendous health benefits such as preventing disease, particularly cardiovascular disease. Fish oils reduce Triglycerides and improve the overall Lipid Profile. They also reduce inflammation in the body. This is very important for every individual, not just athletes. It is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory supplements that we have access to nutritionally. Anti-inflammatory chemicals like drugs can have a lot of toxicities and side effects, in particular, like harming the gut.

Not only do fish oils have cardiovascular benefits and reduce inflammation, but they also improve brain health. Our brains are made up of an enormous amount of fat, which is necessary for proper functioning. Fish oils supply our brains with the proper fats. It is very common today to give DHA to children. DHA is one of the components of fish oil and it benefits children's brains during development.

There are many products on the market with fish oils, but it is very important to pay attention to the source of fish oil or you may do more harm than good. Triton Nutrition's Omega Prime Fish Oil is derived from small coldwater fish. Large fish, such as Tuna, eat a lot of small fish and they accumulate a lot of toxins. PCBs, Arsenic, and Lead are commonly found in contaminated fish oils. When you take small fish like mackerel, sardines, and anchovies and you harvest them near the polar ice cap, they are from a more pure area. Also, the molecular distillation process that produces the Omega Prime 950 dramatically reduces the amount of toxins.

So, it is very important that when you look at a fish oil, don't look at one where they measure the heavy metals, PCBs and Mercury in parts per million (ppm), but instead measure them in parts per billion (ppb).

So, when you take a very pure fish oil like Omega Prime, you will notice increased mental acuity, reduction in inflammation and improved cardiovascular health.

To read more on the importance of fish oil as a supplement, especially in the elderly, click here to be transferred to Triton Nutrition's library.

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