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Vitamin-Mineral Supplementation - Robert Seik, PharmD

Vitamin-Mineral Supplementation. Robert Seik, owner of Partell Specialty Compounding Pharmacy, details the importance of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your diet to prevent and treat disease. Learn how Functional and Regenerative Physicians can prevent and treat disease without the use of medications.

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, focuses on the prevention and treatment of disease by using vitamins, minerals and amino acids so that the use of medications can be avoided. Robert Seik, a Compounding Pharmacist is trained in this type of medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging. He works with Physicians in this particular focus of medicine as well as assisting with their medications at Partell Specialty Pharmacy.

The foundation of a healthy diet is a good, dense diet full of micronutrients. Robert is an advocate of the Paleolithic Paradigm Diet, which involves a diet rich in mostly fruits and vegetables and healthy portions of lean meats. This diet focuses on low glycemic index foods, which means carbohydrates that enter your blood stream slowly. High glycemic index foods that enter your blood stream quickly, like refined sugar, white potatoes, and white bread, to name a few, cause enzymatic and hormonal changes in the body that are not beneficial.

Unfortunately, even a carefully planned diet these days can lack vital nutrients because of our mineral depleted soils and poor crop rotation. Also, because of convenience, many of the foods we eat were picked long before they end up in the grocery stores.

This is why supplementation is so important. So, you need to begin with a healthy diet and then add supplements. It is critical that these supplements be high quality, pharmaceutical grade that are typically found in compounding pharmacies or offered through physicians' offices trained in anti-aging. These brands are not found in drug stores or grocery stores. How are they different? They are manufactured in bioavailable forms that your body is able to utilize. Many of those cheap supplements found in those other stores are cheap for a reason. They are low quality that your body is not able to absorb or utilize. So you see, your body is actually not able to use these minerals and vitamins, so you are wasting your money.

CoQ10 is recommended for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart disease (cardiovascular disease) and also for an athlete, it can improve fast twitch muscle fiber response and workout recovery. Iodine and Selenium can improve thyroid function as well as a host of other functions in the body before someone decides to take medications, which may produce side effects or contain harmful phthalates. Please view the video on Iodine deficiency to learn more. Compounding pharmacies also offer amino acids that can help build neurotransmitters that can help balance the brain and improve cognition, your memory and ability to think and learn quickly. You can also improve sleep and curb hunger and appetite with micronutrients from these physicians and compounding pharmacies before using medications. So, by using these natural substances, it is possible to prevent or treat diseases without the use of drugs.

At compounding pharmacies, patients can fill individualized prescriptions from functional and rejuvenative physicians in their sterilized lab. This way the patient can receive exactly the dosage necessary according to their lab tests.

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