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01.PTTRN - Dissapear 2 [TOKEN]
02.Norbak - By his own Hands
03.Norbak - His Faith Will Be Our Defeat [MORD]
04.Kessell - Degeneration Mode
05.SHDW & Obscure Shape - Blick Des Bösen (Exium Version) [From Another Mind]
06.Oliver Rosemann - Chinese Water Torture [Recorded Things Germany]
07.Reeko - Dogma 02 [Semantica]
08.Reeko - Dogma 03 [Semantica]
09.Planetary Assault Systems - Bang Wap [TOKEN]
10.Mike Storm - Cosmic Occurance [Evod]
11.Kaiser - Downstairs [MORD]
12.TWR72 - Mono [MindTrip]
13.TWR72 - Fibre [MindTrip]
14.Sebastian Kramer - Love (Reverse) [Content]
15.SHDW & Obscure Shape - Verlorene Seelen (Ø Phase Version) [From Another Mind]
16.Planetary Assault Systems - Say It Loud [TOKEN]
17.Diego Amura - Pattern 07 [Kaiser (K S R)]
18.Ritzi Lee - Mainframe [MORD]
19.Kaiser - Towards The Mess [MORD]
20.Alarico - Cut 3 [Newrhythmic records]
21.Ritzi Lee - Social Interference [MORD]
22.Rob Acid - Sägerutsche (Pfirter Edit) [Force Inc]
23.Pfirter - Mostly 134 [Paralelo]
24.Pfirter - Form
25.Vil - The Slip
26.Pfirter & Oliver Rosemann - Gamma 01 [MindTrip]
27.Pfirter - Restart Pattern [Paralelo]
28.Pfirter - Dissolution
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