Meet Riggy's, The First National Network of Branded Truck Parking


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In this episode you'll hear our conversation with Mike Burney and David Olson, co founders of Riggy's, the first national network of branded truck parking!

Trucks have already started parking at the 3 locations in the Houston area and Mike and Dave have big plans to expand Riggy's across the U.S. so that truck drivers have more places to park that are safe, convenient, and affordable.

In this episode you'll hear discussions about the problem of truck parking, why a national network of truck parking hasn't been done at this scale before, what you can expect when you decide to park at a Riggy's, the future of the Riggy's brand, and their close connection with the trucking industry that helps them know what truck driver's needs are.

Be sure to check out their website and book a space with them next time you're delivering in the Houston area!

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