The Copper Dollar Ranch Murders


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On March 3, 1983, two bodies were found near the Copper Dollar Ranch in Iowa. 20-year-old Steven Fisher and 17-year-old Melissa Gregory, both employees at the ranch, were found beaten to death. Police had their suspicions but it took them 31 years before they arrested Steven's wife Terri Fisher for both murders.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the murders of Steven and Melissa at the Copper Dollar Ranch. The rumor around the ranch was that Steven and Melissa had been having an affair. Steven separated from his wife Terri just weeks before the murders. You can see why police may have thought she had a motive for murder. But, it took them 31 years to arrest and charge Terri with the murders. The authorities thought the evidence they needed to convict her but the jury didn't see it that way. Did the authorities arrest the wrong person, or, did Terri get away with two murders?

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