Do Murderous Roots Lie Within Your Family Tree?


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It was called the Ride Murder.

The bullet-riddled body of an unidentified seaman from the Port of Houston, Texas was found dumped in a ditch a few miles away.

Two men and a woman used a “honey pot” trap to lure the seaman into their car to rob him.

It was one of the most sensational murder trials ever brought in East, Texas.

School children paraded through the county jail on macabre field trips to get a look at the accused killers.

One of the defendants who had already killed a traveling salesman using a similar “honey pot” ploy sat behind bars drawing sketches about romantic encounters.

Decades later, veteran criminal investigator Louis Fawcett was conducting genealogical research about his family tree.

Imagine his shock when Fawcett who had spent 43 years hunting down criminals, discovered that the trigger man in the Ride Murder was his uncle.

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