#81: The Science of Influence with Jon Levy


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Jonathan Levy is an American author known for his work in the fields of influence and adventure. His research mostly focuses on what affects decision making. He works out of C Lab collaborating with neuroscientist Moran Cerf, of the Kellogg School of Management. He spent years modeling the behavior of people at every level of influence, in order to better understand what causes them to engage and connect.

Levy used his understanding of social interaction to create the Influencers Dinner, a secret dining experience for taste makers, thought leaders and influencers from different industries.

Levy's work in human behavior has garnered him a reputation as one of the leading super connectors in America.

Levy has spoken at many conferences including TED and Fortune's Brainstorm Health.


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01:35 - Childhood and where it all began?

02:35 - Why were you treated like a social outcast?

03:25 - Marvel or DC ?

06:00 - How did you know you wanted to become a behavioral scientist ?

08:25 - What's your experience of becoming a behavioral scientist ?

09;50 - Surround yourself with smarter people around you that bring things to the table.

19:17 - Influencers dinner

20:10 - What are some of the crazy things that have happened during influencers dinner ?

23:55 - First book :- 2AM principle.

25:55 - Concept of Peak End Rule.

27:12 - How can you find and connect with John Levy.

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