#83: Rise Above the Challenge with Stephanie Saunders


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Stephanie is named one of the Forbes Top Social Media Influencers of 2020. She holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications from Florida International University and is married to Joe Suskind, President at United Claims Specialists since 2011.She used to be in the banking industry helping banks foreclose on property owners and worked in the real estate industry during the big mortgage crisis of 2006. She is the founder of The Suskind foundation which donated 50,000 hand sanitisers to local Florida schools, charities and first responders. This charity set out to provide assistance in the community for housing and disaster preparedness related to economic and natural disasters.

Stephanie’s mother was adopted and resented Stephanie and because of which, Mental Health is a huge deal for Stephanie.

Stephanie entered the job market during the mortgage crisis of 2006, and she took a job in the one sector that was hiring - Distressed Properties. She spent the next decade building a reputation in creditor-owed real estate by leading client acquisitions and strategic marketing.

After ten years, she became an equity stakeholder in United Claims Specialists. She was able to put her love of real estate and knowledge of marketing and branding to use for a proper cause with her Husband Joe Suskind, the founder. With this venture, she wants to help property owners keep money that is rightfully theirs, after spending many years in the banking and mortgage industry helping banks foreclose on property owners.

Her goal in life is to help people recoup their losses, restore their properties and protect their hard-earned assets.

In 2016 she launched a consulting firm applying her skills in brand storytelling for service-based businesses and began dabbling in social media marketing.

After 10 months of ditching the basic B2B perspective, she was named one of the nation's Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2020 by Forbes Magazine.

Stephanie launched S2 Marketing to help other business professionals effectively utilize social media to advance their brands.

She also launched a podcast on that subject called The S2 Show, where experts join Stephanie in discussing their business models, how they achieved success and how they have changed their branding techniques since the pandemic shift.


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Website: https://www.stephaniesaunders.com/about

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thestephanie.saunders/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ucs-stephaniesaunders

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thestephanies

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Podcast: https://www.audible.com/pd/Podcast/B08K56Y6ZH


01:22: Stephanie's Childhood

05:36: Stephanie's Academic Journey

07:42: Should you set goals for longer than 6 months?

09:52: What made Stephanie change her career?

12:30: How did Stephanie meet her husband?

14:24: how did Stephanie transition from real estate to Marketing?

18:02: Stephanie's Podcast - The S2 Podcast.

19:39: What Makes S2 podcast special?

21:03: Being Authentic on Clubhouse.

23:08: Stephanie's SusKind Foundation

25:42: Stephanie's New Book.

29:17: How can you find and connect with Stephanie?

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