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Today on the show Jayson talks about how you need to try and improve yourself by as small as 1% every single day, it’s like grass growing, you don’t notice it growing, but a week from now it needs to be cut! Improving yourself by 1% every day, that means you’ll have improved 365% in a year!!

Challenge yourself to things with which you’re uncomfortable, that’s the only real way to make improvements. If it was easy then everyone would be successful and the best versions of themselves, but it’s not. Try and set yourself a schedule for things you know you need to improve, that will help keep you accountable, and keep you on track to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Show yourself and show the haters in your life that you can do the hard stuff, that you can improve Every. Single. Day.


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1:23 - Giving 1% More Everyday

3:44 - Life is a Competition

4:48 - Two Small Goals Everyday

8:28 - Challenging Yourself Where You’re Not Comfortable

10:09 - Set Yourself a Schedule

12:02 - Show the Haters What You Can Accomplish

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