#UnderdogBites: The War Within with Jayson Waller


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Today on the show Jayson is talking about keeping yourself positive and growing, not only as a business person, but in your personal life as well. You can’t start blaming anyone else for your issues, take control of your mind, and your life, and create your own path.

It’s important to always have something to chase, you should create goals for yourself that are constantly changing and growing along with you, so you’re always reaching for something, working towards your next achievement.


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1:05 - Everybody Goes Through Struggles

3:18 - They Don’t Give You Awards For Your Failures

4:30 - You Gotta Get Your Ass Outta Bed

6:16 - If You Blame Others, You Won’t Succeed

7:42 - You Have to Grow Up Eventually

9:01 - Create Your Own Map

10:19 - Flag Football and Learning to Grow

11:19 - Find Something to Chase

13:00 - Reinvest in the Business First

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