#1603: Will AUKUS Shake Up the World?


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00:30 Election Shenanigans (10 minutes)

Canada goes to the polls as the left-wing government tries to lock down the country. Will we see some of the same mail-in vote shenanigans that we did in the U.S. elections? Meanwhile, Russia has also voted. When it comes to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the mainstream media has no problem talking about how electronic voting makes cheating easier.

10:20 The Ruckus Over AUKUS (22 minutes)

A new defense alliance has the potential to shake up global politics. A veteran Vatican watcher believes this new alliance could provide the Catholic Church an opportunity to remake Europe’s role in the world.

32:00 Why We Keep the Feast of Tabernacles (22 minutes)

Why is the Trumpet Daily staff away from their regular schedule and keeping the Feast of Tabernacles? This holy day is essential to see world news in its proper perspective.

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