Reviving Your Spiritual Warrior to Guide You Through Turbulent Times


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Yoichi Utebi will discuss the motifs of Japanese film “The Cherry Bushido”
Yoichi Utebi is a world lecturer for Happy Science spiritual organization, and producer of Japanese film “The Cherry Bushido”. Similar yet distinct from chivalry, the western code of honor handed down from the gallant knights of yore, Bushido is the organizing principle of samurai moral values and ethics that has been at the heart and soul of Japanese culture for centuries. Like chivalry, Bushido is typified by virtues like righteousness, benevolence, respect, honor, fidelity, and courage. Unlike the chivalric code, the true Bushido spirit is based on the belief that we are spiritual beings who will eventually return to the spiritual world. Having experienced relative peace and prosperity in recent years, many have relaxed their self-vigilance and blurred the convictions that can mean the difference between victory and defeat on the spiritual as well as physical plain. With the pandemic and the social, political, and geopolitical turbulence we are experiencing today, now is a good time to consider the Bushido spirit and virtues that can anchor and guide us to act on our beliefs in these trying times.
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