Warrior Magic: The Fight For A Better World


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Tomás Prower discusses the use of magic in resistance and warfare through history around the world.
International author Tomás Prower's latest book Warrior Magic (Llewellyn) is a multicultural journey into understanding the role of magic in resistance and warfare around the world. Tomás looks at how people have allied with spirits and the divine to defy their oppressors, and also features empowering anecdotes and hands-on activities shared by contributors from spiritual traditions and cultures across the globe. Tomás is a graduate of the University of California: Santa Barbara, and holds degrees in Global Socio-Economics and Latin American & Iberian studies. Being a natural-born globe trekker, he sought additional education at the Universidad de Chile while working as a translator for their literature department. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, he was given the opportunity to become a cultural liaison for the French Government in South America between France, the United States, Chile, Peru, and the member states of Mercosur. During this time, he traveled extensively in the Amazon Jungle, learning as much as he could about the region’s indigenous peoples. Upon returning to the United States, Tomás moved to Reno and became the External Relations Director for the American Red Cross in Nevada before moving back home to Los Angeles where he had a brief stint as a night-shift mortician. Now, he pursues his fascination for the mystical side of life as a full time writer and author giving lectures and workshops around the globe.
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