Yoga and Music as Shamanic Technologies


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Danny Paradise will discuss the healing forces of yoga and music for optimal living and higher consciousness.
Danny Paradise is a legacy yogi known for his mastery in the Ashtanga discipline. A teacher’s teacher, Danny has also taught well known artists, dancers, sports champions and musicians, including Sting, Madonna, Paul Simon, Edie Brickell, Eddie Vedder, Luciano Pavarotti, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Chris Botti and many others. His practice goes back to the mid-70s with K. Pattabhi Jois in Hawaii, and he also studied martial arts, including Karate, Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Danny’s influences in Spirituality have come from Krishnamurti, teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, as well as Shamanic traditions of Native North and South Americans, indigenous cultures of the Pacific, Tibet, Africa and South East Asia, as well as Mayan, Egyptian and Hawaiian traditions. Danny Paradise has interwoven yoga and music for decades. His album Caravan of Souls is a heart-felt flow of uplifting, world and jazz-influenced tracks from this singer - songwriter who looks to heal the world’s problems with soulful music and movement. The album is out digitally on Mesa Bluemoon Recordings Listen >
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Exit Music: "Love Will Rescue You" by Danny Paradise

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