S10E1: Follow-Up S10: E1 w/ Janet Varney


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Mike is on vacation this week, so Bob and Zaq are joined by guest host Janet Varney. Janet is a comedian, actress and voice actress. Best known for her roll as the voice of Korra on "The Legend of Korra." Janet is a longtime fan of the show, and does a fantastic job filling in for Mike, relaying your questions about our Season 10 premiere episode "Catalina" to Bob.

Be sure to check out Bob's other great show, True Crime Binge wherever you get your podcasts. This week's guest was Christine Schiefer from the "And That's Why We Drink" podcast, and next week's episode features Nic from "True Crime Garage". Bob and Nic have a deep discussion about the Delphi, IN murders of Abby Williams and Libby German. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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