S10E2: A Slippery Slope


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Over the course of 36 hours, 15 year old Jennifer Jeffley was interviewed by police multiple times without a lawyer or parent present. In this episode Bob walks us through the events of these two days, and the tactics used by Houston PD Investigator, Detective Waymond Allen. We hear from Jennifer's mother, as she describes what it was like being the parent on the outside of the police station, as the Detective coaxed Jennifer into making an incriminating statement.

Make sure you check out Bob's new podcast True Crime Binge in between episodes of Truth & Justice. Every Wednesday Bob invites another true crime podcast host on to talk about their background, their production, and a case of the week. His most recent episode features Christine Schiefer from the And That's Why We Drink podcast. Bob and Christine break down the heartbreaking and triumphant story of Miriam Rodriguez, who set out on a mission to bring her daughter's killers to justice. And coming this Wednesday, Bob is joined by host of the True Crime Garage podcast, Nic, to continue his deep dive into the Delphi, Indiana murders of Abby Williams and Libby German.

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