The After Show #5: "The Harvey Weinsteins of the Industry?"


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The After Show with Guest Jessica Lynn Verdi.
After every live show, we found ourselves often having intense post-show conversations. So we decided to leave the record button on and let you listen in. This is Truth Lies Shenanigans The After Show.
In our live show, Season3 Episode 5 our spotlight guest was actor, podcaster, gamer, and voice-over artist, Jessica Lynn Verdi. Our main topic was the atrocities in the Catholic Church towards children in France. And, in Quick Fire we covered an unvaccinated patient being denied a transplant, the deleted wedding photos story, and the beef between B2k Bandmates Lil-Fizz and Omarion.
But, in the After Show… we got to talking about TV shows and movies like Matrix 4 and Squid Games. Then, Jessica shared a funny “porn story” and the conversation got a little more serious with the ladies on the panel sharing stories of having to deal with the Harvey Weinsteins of the world and discussing the effectiveness of the “Me Too” movement. Take a listen!

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