Show 33: Rebecca Carlson


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Try This At Home Show 33 - Rebecca Carlson

Rebecca Carlson is someone we’ve all known for years, a longtime friend. She’s a singer, a poet and a writer who lives in Santa Monica. Her EP, Proof of Love came out earlier this year. If you like storytelling, we’re twisting her arm to tell some stories and she’s really good at it.

We get caught up with Rebecca and what she has been up to.

Snack 1: Classic Honeycomb Peanuts

Hard shell peanut butter flavored candy. Think of a hard bufferfinger that probably should be thrown away because it's too hard.

Teeg jumps into a story about circus peanuts and trying to be the old grandpa that hands them out to anymore.

We next talk about Rebecca's memoir and she gives us a short, part one, read. We were blown away and can't wait to hear more.

We also talk about Rebecca's singing style and the types of music she feels comfortable singing.


Cinnamon tooth picks that have a little heat. Great to picking out Honeycomb Peanuts.

Teeg tells a gross story on why toothpicks are not allowed in his home and Rebecca delights us with a small section of part two of her memoir.

Snack 3: Reland Flat Fillets of Anchovies

Marinated in Olive Oil and Salt........Nope....Nope....Nope... (PS Ryan is typing this they are soooooo gross!!)

Of course Teeg loves them and the rest of us are a hard pass.

We rank the snacks and finish the show with a song from Rebecca's new album "Proof of Love" which can be found on all streaming services and you can buy it from iTunes. Go Buy It Now!

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