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The gals are on their season 8 break for the next couple of weeks so we've got a Listenersode coming in hot to entertain you in the meantime! There won't be a regular episode next week either, but Patron's will be getting a brand new Dexter's Conjectures and Patreon exclusive interview! They also get access to over 55 episodes that aren't available here on the regular feed so make sure to join if you miss us! Find us at patreon.com/TSFU to sign up for as little as $5 a month!
Ash and Cam read listener stories from Bekah who was at the mall on Black Friday 2021 when an active shooter entered the building, and Kasey whose mom's customer was held at knife point while a robber waited for her to hand over the cash in the register.
We'd also like to take a moment to acknowledge the horror that happened this week at Robb Elementary School in Texas, with the death of 19 children. As well as the shooting in New York on May 10 which took the lives of 10 Black people. Our entire country is getting PTSD from this bullshit. Seriously when will this stop? F*CK GUNS.
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