Answering Kids’ Coronavirus Questions


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**Evidence about behavior and contagion has evolved since this podcast was released. Please refer to current reporting from trusted sources like Stat News for updated information about coronavirus.**

Do you have questions about coronavirus? We’ve got answers. Coronavirus is probably affecting your life right now, and it can seem scary and complicated to understand. That’s why we collected questions from listeners, and got an expert to answer them. We asked Dr. Juan Dumois, an infectious disease pediatrician, these questions and more:

Did coronavirus really originate from bats, because that’s what I heard? If so, how did it happen?

How did coronavirus get its name?

How does coronavirus travel to different people?

Why does coronavirus seem more dangerous for the elderly than it is for kids?

Can I still hug and kiss my grandma?

Can my pet get coronavirus?

What will it take to end the outbreak? How can science help?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode!

We’ll have more resources for kids about coronavirus on our website,

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We hope this special episode helps you understand the science behind the coronavirus, and how kids and families can help keep vulnerable people safe during this uncertain time.

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