Tumble Season 4 Favorites with The Show About Science!


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We’re taking a listen back to some of our favorite moments from Season 4 of Tumble, with help from our friend Nate! Nate is the 9 year old host of fellow kids science podcast, “The Show About Science.” Nate interviews Lindsay and Marshall about the stories behind the science.

This episode features clips from Rob Dunn (“Discover the Wildlife of Your Home”), Anne Hilborn (“The Secret to Cheetahs’ Super Speed”), Erika Rader (“What Would Earth Be Like If Volcanoes Didn’t Exist?”), and Robyn Grant (“The Science of Whiskers”). To hear the FULL episodes, listen in your favorite podcast app or check out our blog at sciencepodcastforkids.com!

Super special thanks today to Nate and his dad Eric. Nate is a superstar interviewer and you should listen to BOTH his shows, The Show About Science and The Show About Politics. You can also hear him on our Season 1 episode, “The Case of the Invisibility Cloak.”

We’re taking a break for the summer! We’re having a baby and we’ll be taking some time to adjust to our new life! We’ll be back with Season 5 in the fall. But keep listening - we’re lining up treats for you all summer! And we still rely on your support on Patreon - listen for fresh Patreon shoutouts and birthday messages!

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