Frankly Speaking: Golf Turf Down Under, and Sustaining the Covid Bump


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This episode of Frankly Speaking begins with a trip Down Under to discuss golf turf management in Australia with John Neylan, longtime agronomist. Frank and John cover a wide range of topics from Poa annua and herbicide resistance to putting green construction and the glorious golf on the sandbelt near Melbourne. John’s long history with annual bluegrass and experience with growing grass in arid and Mediterranean climates provides excellent insight no matter where you grow grass. There is even some discussion of organic matter management based on Claude Crockford’s method used at the Royal Melbourne. Frank is joined in the second half of the episode by Jim Koppenhaver of Pellucid Golf to discuss the 2020 season, the start to 2021, and how to use climate and participation data to identify the opportunities to sustain the COVID-bump!

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