Rockbottum Radio: What's Next for Golf Ops?


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In this episode of Rockbottum Radio, RW tries to deliver the news amidst financial confusion triggered by Ludell practicing Modern Monetary Theory and nationwide post-ED (electile dysfunction). The gang tries to strategerize ways to keep TN intellectual property from being stolen... again, while Momma ferrets out a spy with a Kansas accent on the crew. In a change of pace, RW offers up some film and book reviews to help us all survive the stay at home lifestyle. Films for TurfNet Villagers to watch include The Vast of Night(low budget but brilliant, sci-fi set in the '50s, Amazon Prime), Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen, 2011, with a time travel twist, Netflix) and Wind River(2017, adventure mystery set in Wyoming, Roku). Books on RW's nightstand include Winterkill (1984, Craig Lesley). Warning, it's real literature. Suggest checking your local bookstore or library before ordering from the A-word. Presented by DryJect.

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