53 - Lizard, Kraven, Ancient One, and Moon Knight


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Hello friends - we have an interesting episode for you today.

We went into this with just a terrible plan in place to read some character cards and riff on Twitch comments and Discord questions for a whole episode. We successfully did that. HOWEVER, it went off the rails in a few places. Number one, nobody hit record on our audio recorder so this audio is ripped directly from the Twitch stream and is therefore of questionable quality and essentially uneditable..or at least it would take more effort to edit than I have. Also, we were a little loose with the booze from the three hours we spent at a bar before the podcast while waiting for Sooner to be ready so it gets a little wild.

ANYWAY. We do in fact talk about all the things in the episode title but there's also a lot of nonsense, which is basically our calling card now. So we hope you enjoy and we'll catch you for the next one!

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