Simply Sensational Fabiolous joins Turnbuckle Turmoil


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We are joined by a true veteran of professional wrestling. No matter if you knew him best as Chris Michaels, Sir Christopher Michales, Simply Sensational Fabiolous, or even if you know him as Bill Pierce you have most likely seen our guest compete at some point in time over the last 30 plus years. He's done everything from WWF television to being part of the original ECW to coming back to wrestling as a butler to his current role as one half of one of the best tag teams in the North East part of the country. He's got some stories to tell with the resume that he carries. We're going to sit down with one half of Team Splendid and talk to him about his career and where he sees the wrestling industry headed. Make sure to join us as this is one interview you'll want to hear for sure.

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