Episode 296 - Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!)


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We're going wild in the streets on this episode because Damian is joined by his buddy & a goddamn LEGEND: KEITH MORRIS! Listen in as the two discuss the LA punk explosion, & what led up to it, from the most first hand of perspectives. From going with Greg Ginn to see the Dogs in a music wasteland to watching West Coast hardcore take over the globe a few years later. This is NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss the brand new jammed packed reissue of Group Sex (one of the best records ever!) out now on Trust Records.
Also Touched On:
Not heroes, friends

Great bass players

LA versus NY punk

A nice thick red face and zucchini noodles

Talking Heads, Blondie and most of the early CBs scene wasn’t really punk

The Dickies and X are the only bands to get signed

Zolar X
The Imperial Dogs

The Dogs from Detroit: Ginn and Keith’s favourite band

The Last kick it off in the South Bay

Lucky Leher gives out his number on Group Sex and regrets it

Jeff trades Keith a song in exchange for a new band name

Hollywood vs the Beach communities

The effect of growing up in the “Hey Devo!” era

Don’t stand around trying to figure stuff out, jump in: Beach Jocks

Circles Jerks and Fear to 5000 people at the Olympic Auditorium

The Stooges on their last legs

The effects of Charles Manson on you Culture

Vom were… fun

Fear forming to mock punk

The Extremes to Youth Brigade

The Atoms: pre-DFL and GnR

The first tour


Making sure you were playing with the good band in each town

Borrowing riffs

four month long tours

no merch

475 episodes