Episode 332 - Steve-O (Jackass, Wildboyz, Steve-O’s Wild Ride!)


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How many artists live their art more than STEVE-O? Today on the show, Damian sits down to chat with the Jackass star & one of the most influential performance artists ever. Listen in as they discuss punk, whether or not documentaries are bullshit, being responsible for Darby Allin, Umaga beating him unconscious, trying to walk away from fame & so much more!
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Also Touched On:
Getting into metal at Woolworth’s

Living life trying to party like you are in Motley Crue


Skateboarding becoming your identity

Getting into the Misfits


loving the Dayglo Abortions

7 Seconds and Youth Brigade

Franz: The gateway to straight edge

Getting into Gorilla Biscuits and immediately buzzing your head and X’ing up

Finding a new identity… as a pothead

Seeing the Start Today tour

Verbal Assault

Going to the Safari Club to see Gut Instinct


Killing Time

Side By Side

Being scared of Youth Of Today

Bolt Thrower

Needing to get Logical Nonsense for you iPod

The fakeness of documentary

Word Salad

DRI and the passage of time

Blowing a fireball in the seats at a KISS concert

Getting to the video camera through skateboarding

The inception of Jackass

The influences

The similarity between wrestling and jam bands

The Umaga Incident

The Jackass ripoffs

Darby Allin

The Cro-Mags as the soundtrack to failing out of the University Of Miami

Telling Cannibal Corpse that they need make the vocals clearer

Getting old offends people
Bam: the interview is over

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