11 - Slowdown


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Have you reached a point in your life where things seem to be going by too fast? Ever felt overloaded by the incessant demands of work or family? What if instead of rapidly speeding by, time suddenly allowed you to take a break? Join us now as we follow Mr. Murray Adams, an older, retired gentleman recently admitted to the Morningview Nursing Home, in the play "Slowdown." Tonight's episode was written by Josh Horowitz who also provided the piano themes and cover art! Director/Producer: Aimee Pavy Writer/Narrator: Josh Horowitz Murray Adams: Dana J. Kelly Jr. Robert Adams: Brett Stillo Dr. Green: Aaron Seymour The Orderly: Cody Nichols The Nurse: Audra Wolfmann Barbara: Beth Abdallah Featured Music: Clip from track: “Obsessions” by The Kurt Ribak Trio and piano themes by Josh Horowitz Logo Design: Michael Dern Shout outs and thank yous: The Kurt Ribak Trio – Kurt says his music is “Charles Mingus meets The Meters. They go to Duke Ellington’s house to jam; Cachao and Thelonious Monk sit in.” Kurt has shared the stage with circus performers, preachers and fire-breathing strippers, but never all three at once. He's performed in venues ranging from Yoshi's to a club where someone stashed a loaded .45 in his bass bag. Kurt rarely plays there any more. Kurt graduated summa cum laude in performance from Berklee College of Music. A fifth Kurt Ribak recording, “Onward,” will be released May 2018 on Rodia Records, with a May 7th release concert at Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage. The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society – A favorite podcast around these parts is The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society. Eric, Tim, and Joshua present suspense, crime, and horror old time radio episodes and then discuss. They’re insightful and so funny! Check them out at www.ghoulishdelights.com/ 5 Minutes of Banzai – We’d like to tell you about a podcast near and dear to our heart, Five Minutes of Banzai, where Twelve Chimes actors and writers Josh Horowitz and Brett Stillo discuss the fantastic and enigmatic movie “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.” Visit their website at www.5minutesofbanzai.com Please join us next time for a new chilling tale of mangled professional and domestic bliss, in the play “A Modern Convenience.” Thank you for listening and supporting audio drama podcasting! Find us on iTunes, Podchaser, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, wherever you find podcasts. If you enjoy our plays, please SUBSCRIBE and leave your review on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts. And please drop us a line via email at twelvechimesradio@gmail.com and check out our website www.twelvechimesradio.com. And thank you for listening!

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