21 - Midnight Delinquents


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When you were a teenager, did you ever sneak out at midnight, to check out some creepy abandoned place? Noooo? Afraid you might actually find something scary? Join us now for a story about a gang of curious teenagers who get together in the dead of night in the play "Midnight Delinquents." And be warned this episode contains some adult language. Tonight’s episode was written by Isaac Penston Produced and directed by Aimee Pavy Heard in tonight’s play were: Gillian O’Leary as Ruth Taara Ram Mohan as Babs Ojas Mor as Thomas Jude Lee as Pill Logan Schluntz as Jack …and Vice as Mary The additional music “Haunting of the Crypt” was created by Haunted Corpse, sourced from the Free Music Archive. The amazing episode cover art is by Rowan Barbeau Logo design by Michael Dern And yours truly Josh Horowitz Learn more about our cast & crew - https://www.twelvechimesradio.com/castcrew And please check out spooky audio drama at The Narada Radio Company at https://naradaradio.libsyn.com/ If you enjoy our plays, please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Or drop us a line via email (twelvechimesradio@gmail.com). We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for listening and hope to see you again...at midnight.

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