17 - Twelve Chimes Extra: Old-Time Radio, Live!


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Good evening listeners...a little something extra from Twelve Chimes, for your October, Halloween-season, listening enjoyment... The Twelve Chimes players just recently performed two creepy & kooky classic old-time radio plays at Bird & Beckett Books in foggy San Francisco. Hear the 1937 Lights Out play “Meteor Man” and the 1949 Quiet Please play “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?” with three musical numbers by the close harmony trio, The Century Sisters! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lights_Out_(radio_show) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiet,_Please https://www.centurysisters.com/ Writers: Arch Oboler and Wyllis Cooper Director/Producer: Aimee Pavy Hosts: Aimee Pavy and Brett Stillo Live Foley Sound Effects & Organ: Matthew Zipkin Russell: J. Aaron Seymour Diane: Sarah Leight The “Head”: Aaron Doran Basil: Cameron Eng The Writer: J. Aaron Seymour Charlie: Aaron Doran Helen: Crystal Why The Century Sisters: Annabelle Zakaluk, Jana Busbin, and Truly Scrumptious; accompanied on piano by Emily Shisko Cover Art: Aimee Pavy Logo Design: Michael Dern This live event was recorded live at Bird & Beckett Books & Records and Cultural Legacy Project in the Glen Park district of San Francisco where you’ll find the best selection of new and used books as well as a venue for live readings and musical concerts every week. Check out their calendar at www.birdbeckett.com. Shout outs and thank yous: * The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society –www.ghoulishdelights.com/series/themorls * Breaking Walls – www.thewallbreakers.com * Monster Kid Radio – www.monsterkidradio.net * The Speakeasily Hour Minute – www.speakeasily.libsyn.com * Five Minutes of Trouble – www.5minutesoftrouble.com * Five Minutes of Banzai – www.5minutesofbanzai.com * The Indiana Jones Minute – www.indianajonesminute.com * The Mogwai Minute – www.themogwaiminute.podbean.com * The Century Sisters – www.centurysisters.com * Bird & Beckett Books – www.birdbeckett.com Thank you for listening and supporting audio drama podcasting! Find us on iTunes, Podchaser, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, wherever you find podcasts. If you enjoy our plays, please SUBSCRIBE and leave your review on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts. And please drop us a line via email at twelvechimesradio@gmail.com and check out our website www.twelvechimesradio.com. And thank you for listening!

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