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This is the second podcast series from author King Everett Medlin. It's called Twin Paradox and it's based on a SciFi trilogy he wrote four years ago under the pseudonym Purple Hazel. When he set out to write Twin Paradox, King wanted to create a realistic and believable world less than one hundred years in the future. Rather than devising (or assuming) technologies that would be barely conceivable given known scientific principles, he tried taking current developmental theories and applying them. It wasn't difficult to find such theories. In this first installment, you will learn of our current society's eventual collapse...and rebirth. How major cities plunge into anarchy. How the American credit-based economy comes crashing to the ground, bringing an abrupt end to a system that essentially goes back to 1971. Here, you will learn of the sad end to a way of life most of us living today would dearly miss. And yet, the resilience of humanity once again shines through. A new world order is established. Mankind recovers. New technologies resolve many of the challenges still plaguing Earth's dominant species. That being said; the growth of the world's population leads to yet another threat: that the world may not be able to feed itself for long. This inevitability prompts the best and brightest to once again gather together and propose solutions; leading to the ambitious space mission described in the story. Twin Paradox is about three pairs of identical twins (all orphans), separated from each other and with one from each set recruited into the Earth's international space program. According to scientific theory, if one individual from a set of identical twins were to travel through space at or near the speed of light for an extended period of time, they will likely return to Earth only to find their brother or sister has aged considerably. As part of a bizarre experiment, scientists decide to place the three youths onboard an intergalactic spacecraft and observe the results. Their lives are then monitored, along with the lives of their siblings back on Earth. Twin Paradox is a SciFi trilogy encompassing three full length novels; all of which will be read in their entirety over the next sixty weeks. In this first series of episodes, simply called Twin Paradox Book One, you will learn of their development into adulthood - both the three bright youngsters brought in to become astronauts, as well as their three siblings left to eke out an existence back home. Book Two of the trilogy goes on to tell the exciting tale of their return to Earth many years later. Book Three will detail what ultimately becomes of them once they've been reunited with their now much older siblings.

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