37. Call Me By Your Name + Portrait of a Lady On Fire (feat. Anthony Carr)


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dam i wish i lived back in the olden times!! back when ppl could have super sexy and easy queer lives!!!! holidaying and havin sex in europe!!

This romantic, heartbreaking pair of recent queer romances came from the twisted musical mind of Anthony Carr, our podcast's own troubadour. And the gang has plenty of tears to shed over both movies, Luca Guadagnino's portrait of a sexy summer on fire 'Call Me By Your Name' and Celine Sciamma's 'Portrait Of A Lady On Fire', a tale of womens art and work and loss omg.

Both movies are basically unimPEACHable (hehe sorry) stories of finding oneself in a life-changing same-sex relationship, but only one can triumph!!! the other one will b thrown into a chemical fire! no it won't hehe dw friends


Meg's memoir about queer romance and abuse 'In The Dream House' by Carmen Maria Machado

Noah’s Danny Boyle art romance flick Trance

Anthony’s dual music recommendations for queer love stories, Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean and Levitation by Beach House

Eliza's Orpheus and Eurydice-themed flash game Don't Look Back

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