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I feel like I have to explain this episode title just a little bit. This was our very first podcast episode title for Loot Ninja, and it set the bar on everything that we would do after that. Over 60+ episodes later and I sit here typing a "new" podcast post for this blog - The Distorted Gamer. In a way it's a subtle tribute. A way to say thanks.
I will not count any of the episodes before this as part of TGR. We are starting fresh, starting new, and are re-branding ourselves and turning over a new stone. So with that comes a new format, a new episode style labeling system, but with the same old twisted-ness you've come to know and love. I would have named this episode "TGR Episode 1 - Dalyn Has Horrible Protein Farts", but I feel I should give credit where credit is due. Enjoy today's show everyone. Welcome back to your home of stupid.
On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:
- Mom Spends Thousands For Teen To Win Prom Queen
- Recession? Nah, We Gotta Marry Dogs
- Worst Video Game Purchase Ever Made
- Quick Hits
- Fucked Up News: Kid Is Ass Raped By A Wii-Mote
- Sound Clip Corner: Technical Difficulties

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