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Two guys who are bad at blood bowl, podcasts, have weird accents and love beer. This week Blood Bowl Liam, Alan and Mike are joined by Joe from Mini modelog for the Christmas Special. The boys talk Thrud, what's coming in 2020 and Alan has a very interesting story to tell. Music by Audionautix.com, Incomptech.com and FreeSFX.com . All skits were either written and performed by M. Armitage (myself)and were Dynamic Mike Recordings Productions hence no were permissions required, or were created by M. Jaleco for his Twitch TV channel and are used with the permission of the creator. The music beds used are all royalty free and are written by/available from Audionautix.com, Incomptech.com and FreeSFX.com. Sound effects are available from www.freeSFX.co.uk, www.zapsplat.com, various free sound effects packs and memes from Youtube (mainly the packs uploaded by 'Mchapelle') and from Freesound.org.

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